FashionA hottest trend this spring, however has yet been said - a skin. However, the popular denim and velvet, which is more appropriate for elegant models. With the approach of heartwarming, almost summer days become topical flowing light fabrics - satiny, lace and chiffon.   Alike posts:Style Summer street vogueVogue Gerls's ScarvesFashion Stylish jackets. . . . Читать полностью -->

Fashion denim shirts Summer 2013

StyleDenim shirt this summer in a fashion hippies and folk fashion. You are distinguished by a free cut, light shades, darts, rich necklines and long. You are worn with shorts, skinny jeans and jeans-"big bananas" on a cuff.  Same posts:Fashion When temperatures: fall mode fashionVogue Short necklace of great beadsMode Summer style. Gallery trendy sundresses. . . Читать полностью -->

ModeMilitaristic and area trends together in a configuration of Louis Vuitton. Much of whiteness transparent chiffon, lots of dark glitter velvet, skin, satin, sequins.Its transparent whiteness blouse to wear Louis Vuitton offers a sable super mini-shorts. Simple and provocative. Do not forget a dark arrows (create-up) and a luxury long tail (styling).  Alike articles:Fashion Girls with full figure: Walk to work and studyVogue A transition to winter time. What hours will enrich your techniqueFashion Wedding: photo of beautiful dresses. . Читать полностью -->

Silver, whiteness gold, platinum

VogueA dazzling whiteness metal, it does not matter, silver, platinum or whiteness gold, one of the most popular in the summer time. It is made of a a lot of trendy necklaces chains encircling the neck skin ring of massive, great earrings, pendants, bracelets with a establish of pendants. Especially popular combination of white metal with big stones pastel shades: pale blue, grapefruit, light pink.  Alike articles:Vogue Chic summer clothing and costumesFashion Emphasis nudity: fashionable summer clothesStyle Wedding: photo of beautiful clothing. . . . Читать полностью -->

Color Combinations

VogueHowever, mode is not just dark and whiteness underwear - one of the favorites seen much of bold color models. By the way, if you possess a some seasons ago, the bright colored clothes was considered the prerogative of a beautiful ladies today are bright spots actually allowed in the collections of luxury lingerie.If you like the set, which combines a 2 catchy colors - for example, turquoise and purple, magenta, and cyan or dark and mustard green - do not hesitate to buy! For this time, there is no such item however "gone" or "incompatibility" - the brighter and bolder the better!But a really rich and exquisite views linen colors "Ombre" - with a polish shade transitions with one blossom to any, for example, from pink to apricot.Among the hottest trends of a period - a translucent linen, in which any girl feel like a real princess. However for colors, stylists recommend choosing mint green, coral, purple and medium banana-yellow hues: it is a linen was introduced in Oysho a latest collections and Stella McCartney.  Alike posts:Fashion Autumn Style: A basic trends autumn modeMode Cute trinketsFashion Gallery of vogue swimwear. . . . Читать полностью -->

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