Style shorts Spring-Summer 2012: high waist, country, denim. Mode shorts summer 2012 by famous designers

ModeShorts - a perfect clothes for the heartwarming period. Style shorts - it's not just a comfortable item, it also allows you to show a helf form and shapely legs. Stylists like with shorts for a long time. They successfully combining them with a variety of items in the women's locker room, comprise them in business suits and romantic images.Fashion trends of the time summer 2012  Alike posts:Mode Key mode trends of a autumnMode Autumn Vogue: Gallery of Current jerseyVogue Women's autumn suit. Fashionable, chic, hot. . Читать полностью -->

Spring 2013 Vogue Nails: Nail polish spring of 2012. Fashionable contour and length of a nail polish bloom. Drawings and sculpture on the nails. French manicure and creative

FashionNail polish may either add an image, or even ruin it. So, manicure ever paid much note. To look really fashionable, it is important to know however great a nails should be, and what shades of lacquer are the most popular in this period.  Like posts:Vogue Minimum fabric maximum aging bodyFashion Spring Vogue: Style styles of sunglassesStyle A basic trends in footwear mode. . . . Читать полностью -->

ModeStraight pants with arrows are enduring classics that will never come down from a catwalks. You do a young woman visually slimmer and pull up. That pants are suitable for almost the occasion. They may walk same every time in the office, or to a party, for example. In a cool fall and winter season weather will warm good straight pants with a addition of wool. Recommended to choose a neutral color. Читать полностью -->

Women's boots: Christmas Shoes 2012

ModeThe heating and a sun is in the past. To our guests bestowed autumn, followed by winter period comes. Style stylists are constantly expanding new collections, among them a careful striving paid to a boots. This fall and winter season is rich with new collections that will delight us. Great choice of ankle boots. It all relies on our tasting, we like it, and with our feet.Boots are not only suited to the skirt, dresses, pants or jeans. Читать полностью -->

Overalls for business lady

VogueIn a office or at a business meeting is recommended to wear a dark and whiteness jumpsuit stringent fashion. Instead of the classical dark-and-white palette, you can choose chocolate shades - with natural milk to darkness chocolate. However, even the most strict clothing code will not stop you report for work in a stylish costume pastel shades - natural milk, beige, pearl gray or pink. A color of the suit should be blouse and shirt version - whiteness or pastel shade.Austere, restrained tailoring emphasizes elegancy finishes - there embroidery, appliques and varied prints.Pants business costume may be straight, narrowed down or wide. Designers offer long and short options, especially interesting be overalls pants with cuffs.In a spring of 2013 are special relevant overalls complete with a short waist, a jacket. To give an ensemble of sophistication and elegancy, love a jacket with an asymmetrical brim.  Similar posts:Style CrumpetFashion Women's Source Festival in the team: not easy to be stylishMode Fashionable girls' shoes. Читать полностью -->

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