Leather jacket women's style Spring 2012

VogueAs well remain well-known and skin jackets. Preference is given to short jacket (up to a waist and above). However for a flower, It is possible to choose either to a taste, from dark to bright colors. And a purple is yet in vogue.In a fashion plaid jacket. The jacket enjoy to be The fitted and short.  Resembling posts:Vogue When temperatures: fall style fashionFashion Accessories and shoes: what is relevant in this time?Vogue Maxi. . Читать полностью -->

Straps: style shoes, summer 2011

StyleShoes representing a intertwining straps of variant widths, so if your legs are bandaged - one of a hits of a source and summer of 2011.Typically, that models do for a very big platform. The most popular colors are whiteness, dark, chocolate-brown. But there are unexpected choices, such as celadon.  Alike articles:Vogue Summer mode. Gallery of gerls's work clothes for heartwarming weatherVogue Fashionable coats and light coatsVogue The transition to winter time time. What hours will enrich a way. . Читать полностью -->

Great handbags spring 2013

FashionAmong the most popular trends of source 2012 - roomy bag with short handles. You frequently possess a rectangular anatomy with rounded corners. These bags are done of textiles or leather, often - of your combinations. However for flower - most designers propose pastel shades. How decorative elements often act stones, crystals, chains and embroidery.  Similar articles:Mode Summer Mode: Girls elegant costume: not cheap glamor, but a real chicFashion Vogue Autumn. Fashionable jackets and coatsFashion Summer sundresses. Читать полностью -->


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