Big waist: vogue shorts summer 2012

VogueWaist back in place. This is a much momentous point. A most fashionable shorts - this is the model with the location of the waist is at a point where it in fact is.Mini-length and clipsThe most topical shorts, however right so last year, short. But there is a important caveat. Do not short and hard, and the short and free, for example with tucks. These shorts are somewhat similar skirts.Average lengthIn a time of spring-summer 2012 the second most popular model - a direct medium-length shorts with cuffs.The flapsLittle flaps - current emphasis in the spring and summer of 2011. Читать полностью -->

Job Source Vogue 2012

ModeContemporary gerls successfully make their money, make a career and become heads - and thus manage to ever stay feminine, thin and lovely. Much of the credit for this belongs to a designers and designers who create strict and at the same time seductive office attire.Job dress code does not ever provide an opportunity to show your imagination "on all cylinders", but recent collections allow you to look nice.  Similar articles:Mode Mode SunglassesStyle Autumn Mode: Fashion gerls's jacketsFashion Spring style: Jackets. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Shorts: Super mini Vogue 2013

StyleShorts how short that you be like swimming trunks, failing to appear in the designer collections in a source and summer of 2012, has yet get a vivid trend.You can choose the style of shorts, the chief thing is to watch for their length:Classic whiteness shorts with cuffs in a sporty way to relax;Shorts in military fashion: riveting, locks, buckles;Glamorous satin shorts for a party: delicate lace, embroidery and rhinestones.Leather shorts. Particularly well-known trend, due to the fact that a skin things - the trend of the own.Overalls with shorts. Stylists possess shown lots of options with chic to regular sports, with silk to cotton.Designers offer to wear short shorts everywhere: in a office, a party, a picnic and shopping. Shorts enjoy become an integral part of a urban style. You may be worn with a dressy blouse and corset, strict shirt and sports jersey.Bright accent - a big waist. It is extraordinary, but the legs be longer.  Alike posts:Mode Gallery of style ornamentals for spring-summer:Vogue Autumn style collection. Читать полностью -->

Lifestyle Military

ModeClothes in military style reigns on a runways for several seasons. This winter season, you must pay note to a military jackets - they are peculiar characteristic slit and color, and a presence of decorative bright buttons, flaps, pockets, epaulettes. If you need to flaunt this winter season military jacket, pick a model appropriate colors - a most well-known are gray, green, khaki, dark and olive bloom.In military style unacceptable formlessness: this jacket is ever clear and stringent slit, by which the form is so athletic and toned in a military. A perfect supplement to such a model would be the belt.  Resembling posts:Fashion Summer mode. Sunglasses - how an excuse to be stylishStyle Source Style Gallery girls suitFashion Spring vogue: Major Trends. . Читать полностью -->

Strips and other prints

VogueAmong a vogue trends regarding spring stockings should be noted stripes. Latest striped prints a diversity of styles, including - quite a bold diamond-shaped strip of "Harlequin". Choosing a diversity of bands, consider a bod of a feet! For example, vertically oriented thin stripes visually create the legs more slender and great, and a cross pattern on a other hand - look fat, so it is recommended to choose those who demand to hide excessive thinness.Strips, placed obliquely, may visually spoil a bod of the feet, how that this shape can only afford a dame with impeccable forms.More interesting new tendency - tights or leggings faithfully replicate a blossom or prints a clothing or suit. If such an accessory is a organic and organic extension of garments. And if you take tights with a series of "chameleon", that will be able to divert attention away from the foot, turning it into a costume.  Similar articles:Fashion Fashionable coat for a offseasonStyle Vogue spring / winter period: leather jackets for men and womenMode Summer vogue. Gallery trendy sundresses. Читать полностью -->

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