Straps: style shoes, summer 2012

ModeShoes representing a intertwining straps of different widths, however if a legs are bandaged - one of the hits of the spring and summer of 2013.Typically, that models do for a highly big platform. A most pop colors are white, black, brown. But there are unexpected choices, like celadon.  Resembling articles:Vogue Minimum fabric maximum bodyStyle Summer babies's vogue: Mother and daughter: Elegant small familyFashion Autumn style collection. With a simple - to glam. . . Читать полностью -->

Versatile and practical bags: vogue handbags Spring 2011

FashionFrom the past to a new time pass is as well versatile and practical bag. These great bags are convenient its spaciousness. As, it is momentous to remember that it is at the present time a much big and much small bag will not enjoy great popularity. It is best to like a bag of medium size. In this bag you can carry everything you require and keep it in a hands comfortably. Very well, if the bag is a great number of inside compartments and pockets, this will create it more practical.In some collections were seen lacquered bags, but this is not a main trend of spring 2012. Читать полностью -->


FashionA hottest trend this spring, so has yet been said - a skin. However, the well-known denim and velvet, which is more appropriate for chic models. With the approach of hot, almost summer days become topical flowing light fabrics - satin, lace and chiffon.   Resembling posts:Mode Summer wear that covers a completeFashion Autumn fashion: triumphal march jerseyVogue Summer Mode: Options lightweight clothes for the job. . . . Читать полностью -->

Mode shorts Source-Summer 2013: high waist, country, denim. Mode shorts summer 2013 by famous designers

StyleShorts - the perfect clothes for a warm period. Style shorts - it's not just a comfortable thing, it also allows you to present a great shape and shapely legs. Designers like with shorts for a long time. They successfully combine them with a diversity of items in a gerls's locker placement, include them in business suits and romantic images.Style trends of a time summer 2013  Resembling posts:Style Super miniStyle Gerls's shoes, new mode trendsVogue Summer Fashion: Options lightweight clothes for a job. . . Читать полностью -->

Shortened jeans summer 2012

ModeDespite a fact that at a peak of a popularity and big waist pants "flare", simple straight gerls's jeans with a poor waist denim traditional blue blossom with a moderate capacity scuff has not been canceled. Especially in this period, they become fashionable, thanks to a lapels of their significantly shortens the length (in a range of "just above the ankle" to mid-calf).These jeans are worn with high heels (to neutralize the effect of shortening the leg) and great shirts. This summer, especially with jeans fashionable to wear T-shirts, tunics with "cartoony" prints.  Same articles:Mode A experiment or reality?Fashion Source Fashion: Coats and raincoatsFashion Nakedly clear-June. . . . Читать полностью -->

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